#2 | The Nelson House


Turn around to visit the Nelson House. This small 19th century building, which was not in existance during the historic crossing, has its own interesting tale to tell. It is the surviving kitchen and ice house of the Nelson Hotel, which was destroyed by a train derailment in 1904. 

Nelson House


What follows is an excerpt from an article in the Trenton Times on May 28, 1904, about the accident which destroyed the hotel:

Cars Wreck Hotel; Do Other Mischief

Four freight cars seriously damaged the Nelson Hotel at Washington Crossing yesterday afternoon. Another car was sent spinning on the platform of the Washington Crossing station, another found its way into the road and was responsible for a runaway, and two men tumbled into the feeder.

The accident was caused by the breaking of an axle of a car in a south-bound stone train.

The corner of the Nelson hotel was demolished Mrs. Alonzo Nelson of Chicago was in a room when one of the cars intruded and sent debris fling in every direction. She was uninjured.

The fifth car, on its way to the station platform, tore up many feet of track and the sixth one modestly slipped off into the road and frightened a horse driven by George White of Lawrenceville. The horse ran away but did no harm.

Two other cars quietly tumbled themselves over into the feeder of the Delaware and Raritan canal and the coke with which they were laden floated down the stream.