The Washington Crossing Park Association of New Jersey (WCPA) works to preserve, enhance and advocate for the park and the history it represents. The Association strives to educate citizens and enrich their quality of life through knowledge of and exposure to the park.

Photos by @ccphilly.


A Note From the President:

Recently, one of our members made an extraordinary financial commitment — one that will bring much-needed repair and improvements to the park. This donation will unfold over the course of the next few years. Each gift installment must be 100% matched by State Funds and — for this first gift 25% by WCPA supporters.

Our first gift installment, which will be realized by the end of 2018, is for $10,000. We are getting estimates from vendors and working to lock in State funding. Our vital task now is to raise $2500 from you, the hikers, bikers, dog walkers, and history lovers that bring our park to life.

Each dollar you donate to our year-end campaign will bring nine dollars of improvement to the park!

This first phase will include repair and painting of the historic Nelson House (seen above), tree work in the lower park, and repair of historic Works Progress Administration (WPA) fire pits.

Future installments will benefit a swathe of the park that extends from George Washington’s famous landing site and up to the original Park gates, the Honeyman Springhouse, the Arboretum, and finally, the irreplaceable Johnson Ferry House.

We know that you love the Park. Show that love by donating generously, and helping us to give it the love and attention it deserves!

Thank You,


Annette C. Earling, President